Here's how we will help you build your wealth

We start with a thorough review of peer-approved research to establish a consensus view of market conditions. Taking this research, we determine the asset allocation of each of our core portfolios:

Conservative | Balanced | Growth | Dynamic Growth

Core and satellite positions are assigned a weight within the geographic positioning of the portfolios, according to our interpretation of market research.

  • Core positions: high exposure to an asset class
  • Satellite positions: sectors or targeted exposure

Investments are selected primarily from the universe of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The four core model portfolios are regularly managed and rebalanced. Portfolio adjustments are made based on tactical and strategic decisions:

  • Tactical asset allocation of the portfolios (short-term opportunities)
  • Strategic asset allocation of the portfolios (long-term views and opportunities)

Research tools and material analyzed include these best-in-class sources: Raymond James, Bloomberg, Economic Studies, Credit Suisse, MRB Partners, Blackrock, Vanguard.

As the team’s portfolio manager, Mary rigorously consults with Raymond James’ global team of investment experts, along with other renowned industry experts. Her advice is also sought by colleagues and industry peers across the country.